facebook: undecided

facebook.gifI don’t really understand the point of Facebook. I mean, if I have a blog, and if I have Twitter, do I really need another personal website to keep up with? Perhaps if I could use it to catalog all my movie and book reviews, and link to it from my blog for your enjoyment, I would find it useful. But one is not able to access my Facebook page unless one is already a Facebook member and adds me as a friend.

I’ve actually found more old friends through my blog than I have through Facebook. So perhaps Facebook is a great tool for those without other social network tools at their disposal?

The other thing I find creepy is that everything you do on Facebook gets recorded in your profile, such as, “JenZug updated her profile picture,” or “JenZug wrote on so-and-so’s wall: “insert message I wrote here, for all of facebook to read,” or “JenZug joined the group, Masturbator’s annonymous.”

You really have to be careful of what you do in there.

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