I’ve been on hiatus from my weekly dedicated writing time since March. I was feeling empty of words, stressed about certain projects around here that were undone, and the two put together added up to using my weekly time sans kids on maintenance of household projects. Meanwhile, I left you in the good hands of book reviews, recipes, and You Tube videos done by people who have a lot more free time than I do.

I’ve been completely satisfied with this arrangement until recently. I’m starting to get that itch again for for drawing deeper into my mind and into my soul. I’m craving that quiet space where my Voice moves my fingers across the keyboard.

Several conversations with writer friends lately have encouraged me. I’m beginning to put a book together in my mind – several books, actually. I’m thinking about themes and outlines. I’m working out how all the snippets of my thoughts fit together cohesively. I’m talking these things through with people as if they actually might materialize.

I don’t know how or if this will return me to more thoughtful posts here. But know that after a lengthy writing sabbath, I’m getting back to work again.

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