Daily Dose of Everlasting Love


Our family theme this year is Love Extravagantly. To keep this topic front of mind all year, I wanted to make something we could use as a simple daily devotional or family dinner conversation prompt.


Because I’m lazy and busy, I had certain criteria to consider when figuring out what to create. Criteria such as…

  • easy to talk about
  • simple to keep track of
  • not reliant on doing it every day


So this is what I came up with….

I broke down the Bible section our theme comes from into individual phrases, prettied them up with a little paper, then hung them from string above our fireplace.

Each phrase has a number attached to it (some have two) corresponding to a day of the month, so whatever day it is, that’s the phrase we choose for the day.


Tomorrow’s phrase is “Love puts up with anything.”


That sentiment just won’t leave me alone.

Considering our 30 day Advent project lasted six days, I have more hope than expectation, but still… It’s hope.

2 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Everlasting Love”

  1. This is like reading through proverbs on chapter a day. If you miss the 12th this month there will be another 12th next month. You are bound to hit them all at least once or twice over the course of an entire year. Love the idea. You are inspiring me that maybe I will have creative thoughts again someday.

  2. and you say you’re not especially creative!

    hey, how about a close up of the “tattoo’ on Ruthie’s arm? it looks loke she (or someone ) put a lot of work into it!

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