Eleven Days and Counting

This last week I looked at the calendar and almost had a heart attack: we’re going camping in less than two weeks and I have done NOTHING to prepare myself, either mentally or practically. I said to Bryan, “This isn’t to say we won’t have fun, but I’m really overwhelmed at the prospect of GETTING us there.”

It will be okay. I think I’m just out of sorts because I usually spend several weeks obsessing over every detail. But it’s not like we’re even into roughing it – we are definitely advocates of car camping. You know the old saying of taking everything but the kitchen sink? Well, we actually take that, too.

And I’m not kidding.

Last summer Bryan got a bee in his bonnet to take our hammock, which is WAY bigger than the kitchen sink. We all mocked him for it, the whole lot of us. But then again, we all took naps in it, too.

One of the ways I’m looking forward to this summer, is it will be the first year we’ve gone when I haven’t been pregnant (and puking) or had a baby on my boob. The kids are older and more independent, and will have fun running around.

It may actually FEEL like a vacation this year.

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