Dragonfly Green


The other day Ruthie came running into the kitchen from outside, screeching in a frantic but excited voice, “Quick! Quick! You have to come oustide! I have something to show you!”

The kids had found a dead dragonfly on the deck. It was dead and dried up, but completely intact. And it was beautiful.

I don’t know that I’ve ever had the opportunity to look so closely at a dragonfly, as I’m usually squealing like a girl and running away. I always thought they were blue, or black. But this one is a beautiful shade of green – my green, the color of my living room, half my wardrobe, and the future color of the exterior of my house.

And the wings? The wings… they are magnificently detailed and delicate.

This was a happy moment in which I was in awe, my kids were in awe, and the One Who Usually Destroys was gentle and curious. We looked at it from all angles, we set it down to see if it would fly, we ever so softly touched the delicate wings, we startled when the wind nudged it and made it seem alive again.

A little green dragonfly borrowed a few moments of focus and unity for us.

What magical things have you found lately?

2 thoughts on “Dragonfly Green”

  1. That is soo cool to see one up close. I love watching them fly and land/hover but I have never seen a real one completely stopped. Thanks for sharing that.

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