don’t mess with my people


Bryan’s uncle spent the last several years putting together their family history.

In his research he discovered his grandfather – Bryan’s great-grandfather – had a brother nobody knew about who died as a young man. Bryan’s uncle was able to track down this man’s grandchildren, who also didn’t know their grandfather had a brother.

That family sent pictures of their grandfather to my uncle, and Holy Moly!

Bryan's Great-Uncle

There was a collective gasp in the room when the picture was revealed. It’s as if Bryan was dressed in costume at one of those old time photo booths in the mall.

The resemblance is eerie.

Bryan’s uncle also had photos of Bryan’s mother as a child. I always thought Ruthie looked like his mom, but I really had no idea how much. Check it out:

Bryan's mom & grandpa

Compared to this picture of Ruthie around age three, they look almost identical!

IMG_1982It was also discovered that Bryan is a descendant of William Penn’s personal physician.

And the King of Hearts – as in, Charlemagne.

Of course this means my brother-in-law now refers to me as his subject.

But I’d like to point out that as a Scandinavian it’s highly probable I am the descendant of a Viking – some hairy blond guy named Erik the Blood Axe who beat the shit out of Western Europe.

So I now refer to my brother-in-law as my bitch.

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  1. Nuff said Bam.
    Wow that is awesome! Jen you give me a daily dose of laughter.
    Thank you! Looks like you enjoyed a great trip!

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