Dog Friendly Parks

The Alert ProtectorWe discovered that Maple Valley is a dog-friendly town, permitting dogs to walk with their owners on the trails at the arboretum as well as relax at the beach when said hike is finished. The city I live in is not dog friendly, so this is a fantastic discovery for the Zugs.

Saturday night we brought a picnic dinner to Lake Wilderness and spent time swimming and wresting in the grass. It was a pleasure to have Scout with us, and so cute to see how attentive she is when Bryan and the kids are in the water. See her ears perked up? She’s on high alert!

The only sad discovery to this perfect evening was rice grain sized leaches all. over. my. legs. I totally freaked out on the inside, so as to not alarm the kids. But Ruthie? She simply said, “Something is sticking to my foot.” And she picked it off and went back into the water. We may go back, but I’m not sure I’ll be in the water with the kids!

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