Dinner Tonight: Fajita Chicken Fingers

fajita chicken fingersI’ve been a little hyperactive since recovering from the flu. This includes spontaneous interpretive dance as well as the completion of 42 loads of laundry. After naps I rushed everyone out the door to squeeze in an 11th hour trip to the library – I wanted books about The Passover from the Children’s section. Suddenly, the 5:00 call from Bryan came in (he calls every day on his way to the bus – I know, totally awesome).

Happy to hear from him, but totally not in the right location to be making dinner, we buzzed home with books in tow.

Did I mention I’ve been sick for a week? I wasn’t exactly prepared with a menu plan or anything, so the best I felt I could do was broiled chicken and a salad. But to be honest? Kinda tired of the big slab of meat. I didn’t exactly set out to make this dish, but it sort of built itself. Here’s how:

Preheat oven to Broil.

Put five frozen, boneless chicken breasts on a broiler pan and place in the oven with the rack in the middle.

Run downstairs to switch over your laundry to the dryer, then start a new load.*

Run back upstairs and pull chicken out of the oven. Breasts should be thawed enough to be able to slice into chicken fingers. I buy the Costco breasts, and I sliced them lengthwise into three-ish strips.

Salt and pepper to taste, then broil 12-15 minutes.

Turn, salt and pepper other side, and broil another 12 -15 minutes.


Empty two cans of black beans into a sauce pan. Add salt, cumin, chili powder, and … what the hell, just dump in a cup or so of salsa and call it a day.

Set the table.

Put out your salsa, sour cream, and shredded cheddar.

Thinly slice red or green onions (red onions would be yummy if saute’d on high heat until practically charred).

Chop lettuce and/or heat tortillas.

When the chicken is done, serve fajita style by placing a chicken finger in a tortilla and topping with everything else.


Create a fajita salad, which is what we did.

For a meal that took me 40 minutes from start to sit-down, this got rave reviews from everyone. Definitely a do-again.

*This step can be substituted with folding some laundry. Or you could change a diaper. Or wash some dishes. Or, you could just stand there and wait a couple minutes until the chicken was thawed enough to slice. Whatever.

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