diaper stash

Every morning when Ruthie wakes up, I remind her to throw her pull-up into the trash and put on her underwear. I didn’t think this task needed to be clarified any further – it seemed straightforward enough for a rational person like myself. But apparently it did, because today I found about two weeks worth of used pull-ups stashed in a pile in the back of her closet.

When Bryan found out, this is what he says…

Bryan: Ruthie, the next time we find hordes of used diapers in your closet, I’m going to give you 50 million spankings, a time out for ten years, and withhold food and water. You’ll have to eat grasshoppers.

Ruthie, after considering this for a moment: Nah!!! You’re joking!

Bryan: Okay I’m joking, but that’s REALLY GROSS.

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