Delightful Wednesday

dirt & bows

Yesterday I spent the evening weeding my much-neglected-yet-thriving tomato plants. Yes, like my great hair, friends are jealous of my tomato plants. They are AMAZING. Do you see them there behind me? Nearly UP TO MY HEAD.

So anyways.

I was weeding, and Bryan was reading, and the kids got a bee in their bonnet to make a party. So they dragged out a bunch of snacks and decorations and spent the next hour beautifying.

(ignore the scraggly lettuce – not as awesome as my tomatoes)

And then Thomas declared it was a costume party. As you can see (top), I came as the Dirty Gardener, which was not a satisfactory costume, according to Ruthie, until she added the bow. Bryan KILLED as Bumblebee. Thomas was, of course, Batman, and Ruthie a Princess (we embrace our gender roles).


After Thomas ensured there were trash cans for all our party trash (he’s hospitable like that), he appeared outside with Bryan’s iPhone and docking station declaring, “WE NEED SOME MUSIC FOR THE POW-TY.”

So Bryan put this song on repeat and we danced in the back yard.

The End.

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