crazy coincidence? or eerie subconscious?

bed head

This morning I woke up with a start at 6:45 when Bryan came into the room looking for a shirt. I’m usually up by 5:45 to get some work done, so naturally his question to me was, “Are you sleeping in today?”

I was groggy from the jolt, but the dream I was having was fresh on my mind (and was OBVIOUSLY trying to tell me something), so I started telling the story before I lost it.

I dreamed a man took me out to dinner at a nice restaurant, but I was waiting to get on a cruise of some kind – only I wasn’t wearing a watch and I couldn’t get my phone to turn on and I didn’t know what time the boat was leaving.

I kept telling him I needed to leave, that I had a boat to catch, but he kept telling me to stay and eat with him. Then he went to go choose a bottle of wine. While he was gone I left the table and walked down the street trying to find out what time it was, and I passed Monica from Friends talking casually on her phone as she stood in front of a door engulfed in flames.

Obviously that meant I was not going to borrow her phone, so I walked back to the table – which was located on the sidewalk, by the way. Not sure if I mentioned that part.

I continued protesting to the man that I needed to find out what time it was so I didn’t miss my boat, and he continued insisting I stay a little longer.

And then I woke up TOTALLY weirded out that my subconscious was anxious about the time.


One thought on “crazy coincidence? or eerie subconscious?”

  1. Haha. That’s craziness! I have all kinds of jacked up dreams that make little to no sense at all. You have one up on me 😀

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