Coming to you from my couch.

My mom came to town on Monday, which also happened to be Ruthie’s birthday. I had big plans for her visit, and non of them included her doing my laundry, cleaning my kitchen, or taking out the trash. But because I am flat on my back, writhing in pain, this is exactly how she is spending her vacation – running my household.

I have minor back issues on and off, and visit the chiropractor every three months or so just to keep things in line. But this? This is a whole new issue in a whole new area of my back. I feel as if my vertibrae are grinding together. The muscles in my back are so tense they feel twitchy, and they are particularly tense around my lower lumbar region, which also makes me constipated.

I stretch. I twist. I flex. I take drugs. But I am never comfortable. I am most in pain when sitting or standing up, so lying down is what I do. I have never been so eager to accomplish mundane tasks in my life! I just want to put these towels away, for crying out loud, or fill the dishwasher and clean the kitchen. But in order to do those things I have to hold my breath and hunch over and grab a hold of something.

I can handle being sick, but I can not handle being in pain. I am highly discouraged and frustrated, and just want my normal life back where I can watch other people’s kids or help someone move. I don’t like this not getting anything done, this laying around while other people (like my 70+ year old mother) do my work for me.

I never thought I would say this, but I miss my job. Just goes to show you what a little perspective does to a natural born complainer.

4 thoughts on “Coming to you from my couch.”

  1. My husband has a similar sort of injury. Every few months he picks something up or stretches too far and he’s down for the count for a few days at the least. My MIL swears by a specific kind of chiropractory (is that a word?) called Nucca. She has had problems all her life and says this is the only thing that has worked for her. Is that the kind of chiropractor you go to?

  2. Ow! It is awful when we can’t do the simplest tasks – and also makes us grateful when we can do them again. Praying for healing…

  3. Ouch. That sounds horrible!
    I’m praying for you, all the way over in the land of upside down. Hope you get back to comfortable soon.

  4. sorry you aren’t feeling well, but glad your mom is around to help! i hate having to lie down–forced rest is NO good.

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