Liturgy Piece: The Year of Melodic Shouting

The church I attend encourages congregational participation in the worship experience by providing opportunities for our congregants to share original poetry, responsive readings, essays, and songs during the course of the service.

Today I presented another piece as part of our worship service, only this time it was a collaborative effort between Bryan and I. Using a short essay I wrote, Bryan created this beautiful video.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. For me, it is a reminder of change, of progress, of hope, and of seasons.

Ruthie at the Dentist

I shot this video of Ruthie at the dentist last week with my Canon digital Elph still camera, and I was surprised at the length of video it allowed me to record. The video file was too large to upload directly into, so I had a chance to experiment with the Windows Movie Maker program that comes free with Windows XP. I didn’t use all the fancy features, but I had fun exploring. The next time I’m scheduled to read at my church I’m planning to create a multi-media piece, and I think the Movie Maker program is user-friendly enough for me to do without Bryan’s help.