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Recently I made a list of one-hour projects, and this weekend I spent an hour (and a half) cleaning our refrigerator. As a point of reference I’m trying to remember the last time we ate corn on the cob, but I honestly can’t recall. I know it was likely in the summer, but which summer is still in question.

At any rate, I found two decayed ears of corn that had fallen behind the shelving and were wedged behind the veggie drawer, so the last time I cleaned was either before last summer or the summer before THAT. Sadly, both options are possible.

The good news is, the money we spent on this brand new refrigerator was worth every friggin’ penny, as every drawer comes apart (including the decorative facing), every shelf comes out, and the glass shelving separates from the plastic casing that holds it in place.

Which means?

No nasty drippy unreachable goo. It’s all spotless, now, as if we just bought it.

Cleanliness has never been my strong point, as we already established when the contractor couldn’t determine the color of the grout in my bathroom.

But when YOU come over to my house? I always clean. I promise.

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