BlogHer Day Two – All About the Conversation

If BlogHer Day One was the Bad Hair Day of social networking for me, then Day Two was the Glamour Shot Day.

I met many wonderful women, had great conversation, and stretched myself as a networker. I don’t have time this morning to fully give my impressions of the day and introduce you to my new friends, as we have a breakfast date with friends and then a plane to catch.

I’ll catch you later tonight.

3 thoughts on “BlogHer Day Two – All About the Conversation”

  1. Hi Jen! It was great meeting and talking to you last night at dinner. Regarding your previous post about social awkwardness, I was feeling the same way. Maybe next year, I’ll get over my nerves and speak a little bit more eloquently. (Yeah, right…)

  2. Jules – Hey, we’ll just have to keep in touch all year through our blog posts, that way next year we’ll at least know each other!

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