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You must have known it would only be a matter of time before one of our offspring had presence on the internet. Of course I’d always assumed Ruthie would have a blog, but I didn’t think it would happen until she was old enough to read. But in conversations via Twitter with Daisy of Kids Blog Too! I realized it worked just as well for Ruthie to tell me what she wants to say while I type.

I see several benefits in Ruthie having her own blog:

  1. We get to do something together. You’d think this would be easy, but it’s not. I need an activity that gets us both excited, and will (hopefully) help us work through our respective needs to be in control.
  2. She gets to learn computer skills – including picture and video uploads. We want her to do as much as she can by herself, which will obviously start with lots of direction from us. But as she learns to read and learns the process of posting, she can become a more independent computer user.
  3. We can pass on our love for storytelling. Mr. Presbo said on last night’s episode of The Wire (season 4, via netflix) “They have fun learning if you trick ’em into thinking they’re not learning.” Or something like that, anyway. If she’s going to grow up to write a book about her dysfunctional upbringing, I want her to at least be able to tell the story well.

So if you have a moment, please check out Ruthie’s blog, Roo the Day, and leave her a comment. I wanted to get her up and running in time to report back about Kindergarten – which she starts next week – and I’d love to read back to her some of your comments.

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