Birthdays and Weddings

This was a weekend for celebrating! On Friday night I took Bryan to a local men’s spa for a pedicure and massage as a gift for his birthday. It was a well-deserved respite from the stress of his work and all his efforts to keep our household afloat. He was so relaxed after the experience that he was a little heavy-lidded at dinner, and by the time we reached the car he was a drunken slur of words, incapable of telling me where the parking voucher was. Imagine trying to talk with your mouth full of cotton balls and your tongue numbed with Novocain – that’s what Bryan sounded like by the end of the night, and I gave him such a hard time over it that we both erupted into smoker-cough-sounding, pee-inducing laughter.

Laughing with your husband is great therapy.

Happy Birthday, Bryan! And don’t worry, 37 is the new 29.

Then on Saturday we attended what Robert Scoble is calling the Geek Wedding of the Decade – the union of Chris and Ponzi. Ironically, I was invited because Ponzi and I became friends through the Diva’s Book Club, but Bryan knew most of the people there because he actually works in the tech industry.

JenAs I make my way around the tech circuit, though – both on my own at Blogher and Mindcamp, and with Bryan when I accompany him to events and dinners – I am running across the same familiar and friendly faces. It was fun to catch up with Nancy again, and Liz (formerly a Diva before returning to NY), and Julie (who looked AMAZING), and Matt (who I met at a Gnomedex dinner and he introduced me to the feed you see in my sidebar), and Cathia, and Kim(a Diva who I first met at the Naked Conversations book release party when she told me she was studying Computational Genetics and I thought to myself, ‘that is a far cry from the day I spent finger painting’), and Beth Grigg (who has hosted our family for dinner in her home), and Maryam, who first introduced me to the wonderful Divas.

The music was beautiful, the dresses and flowers were beautiful, the ceremony was beautiful, and of course the bride was stunning. I especially enjoyed experiencing Chris’ family – they are people who know how to have fun and you can tell they are close. With family like that supporting you, a marriage can only grow stronger.

During a point of transition, as we walked down the hall from dinner to dancing, my feet slipped out from under me on the highly waxed floor and I ended up on my ass with a twisted ankle. Chris happened to be there when it happened and offered to get some ice for my ankle, and I said, “No, my ankle is fine. It’s my pride that’s a little hurt at the moment.” And he instantly flopped down to the floor next to me. The groom! What a guy – how could I wallow in self-pity after such kindness?

Congratulations to Chris and Ponzi – may you have many years of laughing until you pee!

Here is the link to the pirillowedding tag on flickr. Here are mine specifically.

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  1. Hi Jen,

    The Pirillo wedding certainly was beautiful and by far the most organized wedding I’ve ever been too! It was so nice to see you there. Keep in touch!


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