belief in his own reality


Me: “Thomas, be sure to tell your friends to stay out of the blueberry bushes.”

Thomas: “What blueberry bushes?”

“The three blueberry bushes we planted in the garden.”

“We don’t have any blueberry bushes.”

“Yes we do. They’re the bushes next to the big hole you’re digging to the center of the earth.”

“The strawberry bushes?”

“NO! The bushes right next to the hole!”

“But MOM! I’m TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING – we don’t HAVE blueberry bushes!”

*sighs* “Never mind.”

Thomas, to his friend as they walk out the door: “Mom’s lying. We don’t have any blueberry bushes.”

4 thoughts on “belief in his own reality”

  1. Again, Jen…. you make me laugh out loud to myself … Hope you are enjoying your summer!~
    Boys are gone so I miss these moments of perceived reality!!

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