Basement Remodel: FINALLY!

We are finally ready to start moving Bryan in to his new office this weekend. The painting is almost done, and we put together two Ikea bookshelves tonight. In the photo below you’ll see the paint color and the brown trim, and the really cool ducting we had put in. The beam at the top of the picture will also be painted brown, and you can see a corner of the rug folded over on the floor. Besides the center beam, I also need to paint the doors, but all of that can be done around all of Bryan’s things. I just want him moved in so I can put my house back together!



4 thoughts on “Basement Remodel: FINALLY!”

  1. Looks great! When’s the party? I’ll go back to installing tile in my bathroom now.

    Got to love home improvement projects… at least when they are done. 😉

  2. I need a party for sure – though what you don’t see in the picture is the insanity in the t.v. room due to all the misplaced junk. Arg! Will it ever return to normal?

  3. Every milestone deserves a celebration. Even just brushing your teeth warrants a smile. 🙂

    What is normal anyway? I think it was that life I used to have before things got interesting …before I met the Zug family …before I read ‘Blue Like Jazz’ …before Andrea …before ______???

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