As the Zugworld Turns

I have one child who is prone to drama more than the other. When I think of how disruptive the drama can be to our family dynamic, I feel sad and despairing and entertain thoughts of what life would look like without such drama.

(Just keeping it real, friends. Don’t freak out.)


But it’s through my relationship with this child – through woo’ing her heart, through not knowing what the hell I’m doing – that I remember how Jesus loves me patiently despite my own angry and rebellious tendencies.

And I hate remembering that, at least at first. I’d prefer that parenting was easier and more fun.


Okay… *easier.* It’s pretty fun already.

2 thoughts on “As the Zugworld Turns”

  1. i had to do a double take when i saw the pictures–Ruthie looks EXACTLY like you!!

  2. So true. I have been in a stage of loving my daughter but feeling so exhausted by her emotional needs and the drama she creates in our life. But then we go on a run together or she grabs her purse to head to the mall with me and I am so charmed I can’t imagine it any other way.

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