and then we all sang kum-bah-ya

So I know it’s not The Daily Show or anything, but even so, I can now say to someone, “I was waiting in THE GREEN ROOM…”

waiting in The Green Room

On the set list, I was #16. Angela (who was last) wondered out loud if anyone would stick around to listen to us late readers. I think her nerves were being wishful.

pg 2 of the set list

I asked Doug of Laid Off Dad for a photo. Not my most shining moment as an anti-fangirl, but how can you resist the only rooster in the hen house?! He was very gracious, and obliged. Because he really is that awesome. Laid Off Dad is one of the first blogs I discovered Way Back When, and I have always admired his way with words.

Laid Off Dad

Waiting. #16 is a long time to wait.


Meet Schmutzie. This picture totally captures the evening for me – the stage, the lights, the shadows, the curtain – it was my little moment of magical wonder. I stood there, too.


You know that little sticker they put on maps at the mall? YOU ARE HERE. This was MY moment.


Kristin shot a video of the reading with my Flip. I will post it when I get home and have a real internet connection.

2 thoughts on “and then we all sang kum-bah-ya”

  1. whoa. I love that photo of the audience. That’s amazing.

    You did great, I was happy to have experienced that with you. I don’t know that I’ve ever been that nervous in my entire life.

  2. Being a part of that community keynote was an incredible experience. I feel like Eden Kennedy ( gave us all such a wonderful gift.

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