Read a great post over at The Vox Pop’s Reforming the Feminine blog called Agenda Wendy. Here is an excerpt:

Agenda Wendy has a plan. Something occurred to her that would be a really good thing to do. There’s nothing wrong with that. But then woe to the obstacle that gets in Agenda Wendy’s way. Agenda Wendy becomes singularly focused on her agenda and either runs over or resents anyone who gets in her way. Agenda Wendy doesn’t appreciate interruptions.

Hello, my name is A-Jen-da. And you, Agenda Wendy, have most succinctly described who I am and why my husband drinks heavily.

This was a timely post, as I’m thinking of my issues of comfort and control as I look at 2008 and how to best establish measurable goals for change. I appreciated her three points of what she is learning, and need to consider these for myself.

2 thoughts on “A-Jen-da”

  1. Glad to know I’m not alone in this struggle. This issue has been central to most of the conflicts in our marriage.

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