A flare-up of the Uns


I feel like I’m depressed again. I have that overwhelmed, I just want to stay in my pajamas, can’t handle more than what’s in front of me kinda thing going on. I wake up, put out fires, and go to bed. I feel unfocused, unproductive, and unlovely.

I have a case of the Uns.

But to be honest, I’m really busy, too, and I have a low tolerance for busy.

Busy makes me shut down. Busy makes me cling to things like my husband and my couch and my bowl of cereal. Busy makes me say no to fun things because it’s too much work to have fun.

So now I wonder, have I picked my sliver well?

I think it’s time to regroup, refresh, and reset my priorities.

Nothing cures a case of the Uns like a dose of the Re’s, amiright?

3 thoughts on “A flare-up of the Uns”

  1. Boy, do I understand these feelings. Hey, just wondering if you’ve read Acedia & Me by Kathleen Norris? It meant a lot to me with some similar struggles so I’m just passing the title along.

  2. every time you write about this kind of thing I am reminded that I am not alone. We’re a lot different in some ways- I thrive on “busy-ness” but I have let myself get so busy I’ve neglected the things that keep me sane and happy and grounded. It’s tricky balancing my dreams, creative outlets, selfish ambition with home and family life. Oh, and time with God and t h i n k i n g and q u i e t …. it’s nearly 2am as I write this because I have too much on my plate and am up late getting it done.

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