6 Trips x 6 Garments = 36 Clothing changes (Does this count as a cardio workout?)

Oh, really. Why do I continue to do this to myself?

Today I went shopping for an outfit to wear to a holiday party we are attending on Saturday. A holiday party in which I will be meeting EVERYONE for the first time. A holiday party I am really looking forward to except that I feel fat, frumpy, AND my highlights have all grown out.

Did I mention that this holiday party is the Superbowl of First Impressions?

Anyhow, I figured that since it was a holiday party, and since I would be meeting people for the first time, and since I haven’t been to a fun holiday party in several years, I should find something to wear besides my usual jeans and sweat pants.

I started at Marshall’s because I needed some new tights to fit my post partum ass, and I can get designer tights there for five bucks.

I knew better than to search for new pants. We’ve already established there are no petite length fat pants. So I started in on the skirts. Long skirts. Long bushy skirts to hide my entire body.

I entered the dressing room no less than six times in one hour, and still came away with just ONE skirt that’s more appropriate for a hippie-theme party than a holiday party.

My problem is that I’m STILL the fat girl who pictures herself as thin. I am WAY in denial.

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