The Paragon

The Chocolate MartiniLast night Larah and I went to The Paragon in downtown San Jose, a sleek lounge with clean lines and simple design. Their specialty is their extensive vodka bar, and I tried their Chocolate Martini which contained vanilla vodka and dutch chocolate creme. It was a yummy, smooth drink, but a bit sweet for my taste. For it to be my ‘gotta-have’ drink, I prefer the taste of dark espresso and bitter chocolates. We shared a bread pudding, though, and it was TO DIE FOR. It contained warm bananas and walnuts and some sort of liquor sauce.

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2 thoughts on “The Paragon”

  1. The chocolate martini sounds like my kind of drink. And Jen… I do believe this comment will post! (I am at work so the problem has to be with my home computer).

  2. Oh, Paragon…we have one here in Portland, too. Jeffrey and I used to go there a lot when we were first dating (my good friend was dating one of the bartenders at the time=cheap drinks!). We had some really good times there and even two of my birthdays, now that I think of it…I LOVED their mojitos.

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