38 Today

Tonight on the phone Ruthie wished me a happy birthday, and in the background I heard Thomas channel his inner Scooby Doo – “Your BIRTHDAY?!”

He gets on the phone and says, all indignant, “Why weren’t we invited to your birthday?”

“Uh… there’s nothing to be invited to, I’m down here working.”

“But why didn’t you invite us to your birthday?”

“No, honey. I didn’t have a party.”

“But Libby said it was your birthday!”

“Uh, well, it IS my birthday, but we didn’t have a party.”

“You didn’t have a party?”

“No, it’s my birthday, but I didn’t have a party. Do you understand?”

“It’s your birthday but you didn’t have a party.”



“But why wasn’t I invited to your birthday?”

2 thoughts on “38 Today”

  1. So sorry I didn’t see this until now. What a moment that was. I was trying REALLY hard not to laugh. Good times 😀

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