Daily Dose of Everlasting Love

Our family theme this year is Love Extravagantly. To keep this topic front of mind all year, I wanted to make something we could use as a simple daily devotional or family dinner conversation prompt. Because I’m lazy and busy, I had certain criteria to consider when figuring out what to create. Criteria such as… … Continue reading Daily Dose of Everlasting Love

Loving Extravagantly(er)(ish)

I’m not very good at grieving collectively. There are people out there who want to embrace others when they’re hurting, but I prefer a dramatic retreat to a dark well, covered in the cozy blanket of music loud enough to close off the world. It’s here that I grieve through the clickity click of my … Continue reading Loving Extravagantly(er)(ish)

The Tasmanian Devil Dance

Today was not a good morning. I have a daughter whose knee-jerk response to being inconvenienced is outbursts of anger directed outward. This is unpleasant enough, but since I respond the same way, our morning ended up in a Tasmanian Devil Dance of reacting to each others’ reactions. What is a Tasmanian Devil Dance, you … Continue reading The Tasmanian Devil Dance

Like Mr. Rogers Into Comfy Clothes

Lately I’ve been paying attention to my eye contact and the way I touch people I love. It’s loosely part of my attempt to Love Extravagantly this year, in that I’ve noticed how different my kids act when I show affection more and irritation less. Yes, I realize this wins the Oscar for Best Duh … Continue reading Like Mr. Rogers Into Comfy Clothes