Vacations Aren’t Really Vacations When You Have Children

This vacation sure started off with a bang.

On Sunday morning Ruthie showed symptoms of pink eye. I called our clinic in Seattle to see if her pediatrician would order a prescription from a pharmacy here in California, but of course nothing could be that easy. She needed to be seen by a doctor so we were told to take her into the emergency room.

We spent two hours waiting for the five minutes it took Dr. Steven Stephens (!!!) to shine a light in her eye and tell me she had Conjunctivitis.

I tried to act surprised.

I was overwhelmed Monday morning at the daunting task of trying to keep a two year old from rubbing her pussy eye or touching everything within her reach. At the time we were staying with my brother-in-law’s family who has a very adorable six month old. Ruthie is very tender and sweet with babies — liberal with kisses and hugs, bringing toys, patting them on the head, all those lovely traits that relatives are overjoyed by when your daughter doesn’t have a pussy eye of goo.

Thankfully, my sister-in-law was very understanding and accommodating.

So, other than the pink-eye and the two times Ruthie threw up all over everything, we’ve had a great vacation.

2 thoughts on “Vacations Aren’t Really Vacations When You Have Children”

  1. Sorry to hear it. Last time we went on vacation *I* got pink eye. Long story. Hope Ruthie’s healing is a short story – God speed!

  2. Funny, you did the ER in CA, we did the ER just a hop, skip and a jump from your mom’s place in MN…yours was over Christmas, ours was just after Thanksgiving…glad the pink eye is behind us…at least we hope! Thanks for sharing the story…it brought back memories that, up until reading your version, were not so great to revisit!

    The Trondsons

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