Happy F***ing St. Patty’s Day.

No love for adoring fans.

Before I poured my coffee, before I served up the Life Cereal, before I even went PEE for cryin’ out loud, Ruthie threw the mother of all fits that lasted, oh, about 45 minutes. It all happened over something I asked her to do – something that, after the first 15 minutes of her writhing on the floor I wondered if my request was even worth this much drama, but by then there was no turning back. You can’t cave in to a three year old just because she’s throwing a fit because then you might as well hand over the check book and the car keys now.

Amazingly, I kept my cool. I kept my cool even without caffeine and Zoloft in my system. I kept my cool even though it was Ruthie who woke me up at 6:30 by poking her finger in my cheek telling me she wanted breakfast. I kept my cool despite this being the WORST start I could ever imagine to a very busy day.

When Ruthie was finally able to concede that she did not have a “happy heart” (don’t laugh, I have a hard enough time speaking Toddler without you mocking me), she confessed her sin to me and apologized for throwing a fit. Then, we prayed together to Jesus. Repeating after me, she confessed her sin of disobeying mama, then asked Jesus to forgive her. And then? She was the sweetest thing ever and wanted nothing but to snuggle.

Being a parent is EXHAUSTING.

4 thoughts on “Happy F***ing St. Patty’s Day.”

  1. ok, going to steal the happy heart phrase. Think it might actually get through my middles head what his fits are…an unhappy heart. Plus the confessing to Jesus and asking forgiveness…we ask for forgivness (even mommy) but I haven’t really done the confessing part…makes perfect sense though. Thanks for sharing and for the great tip (that I bet you didn’t even realize you were giving).

  2. I have to give credit to my friend, Sarah, for the confessing part. She has a boy who tends to blurt anything out when asked to repeat back why he is being punished, so she began talking to him about the importance of confessing our sins.

  3. I totally stole your happy heart thing this morning when Maddy was having a come down off of granparent induced sugar high fit this morning. And what a blessing to see the transforming power of grace in your toddler. Thanks for sharing!

  4. HI!!! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. You crack me up girl, I love to read what’s going on with you and Ruthie. :)) Hugs!

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