…and THEN he told me to run home and change because my ankles were exposed.

This morning I stopped into my locally owned and family operated hardware store to pick up some supplies for a weekend project I’ll be undertaking sometime in the next month. When I asked A Guy to point me in the right direction, this was the comical exchange that followed:

Me: I’m looking for grout to repair some corroded areas in my shower.

Him: Do you know what color he wants?

Me: [smirking] I think it’s gray.

Him: Sanded or non-sanded?

Me: Hmmm, I’m not sure…

Him: Well you could always buy one box of each. Is there any way you can get a hold of the guy to ask him which one he wants?

Me: [smirking and trying to not laugh at the absurdity of such an assumption] I’m pretty sure the grout that’s already in there is rough.

Him: Then he’ll want sanded.

Me: Thanks. Uh… oh, never mind.

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