About Me (2006 – 2007)

Bubblegum Martini RobeMy name is Jen Zug, and I live near Seattle, WA with my husband, two kids, and a dog named Scout. Recently, within a year’s time I had lost a close family member to cancer, given birth to my second child, plunged into a depression, discovered I had a rage problem, nearly left my husband, and came THIS close to abandoning my children at Walmart.

I also rediscovered my love for writing, which may have saved my sanity.

I once had a friend tell me she was at first intimidated by me because I’m honest, and honest people make her antsy. I think I had just told her how I shook my two year old, I was so mad. Or maybe I told her about the time I broke the high chair tray over my husband’s back, I was so mad.

Well at any rate, I had just told her something that made her antsy.

There isn’t much that shocks me anymore. What I’ve come to realize is that all human beings are standing in a pile of shit that is their life, their past, their sin, their baggage. You can shovel it all you want in denial, you can plug your nose and try to ignore it, you can plant pretty flowers on it so no one notices what you’re standing in – but the fact of the matter is that YOU ARE STANDING IN A PILE OF SHIT.

My writing is simply the honest testimony to the pile I happen to be standing in.

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