Friday Link Love: Good for the Blacks, Hope and Love, Shutdown

A collection of things I found interesting this week.

Good for the Blacks – The Nod

The Nod podcast has been around for awhile, but I just discovered it and started binge listening. I love being a fly on the wall, so to speak, and learning about black culture and black history.

This episode is a round table discussion about the first black bachelorette. Panelist vote by holding up a picture of Obama (good for the blacks), or Ben Carson (not good for the blacks).


One panelist thinks the black bachelorette is bad for blacks, because the black people on the show are put in a position of having to educate a white racist contestant about why he’s racist, and that’s never good for blacks.

Another panelist thinks it’s good for blacks, because it’s stupid and banal and…

“That’s the true meaning of equality, when we can be just as stupid and absurd and occasionally crazy as anybody else.”

I highly recommend checking out this podcast, particularly if you’re white and entrenched in white culture and interested in understanding another culture.

Love And Hope – Ozomatli

This song is an old favorite to put on repeat, and it shuffled into my ears today — check out these lyrics:

Just raise your head up and stand up, no fear in your eyes. 
Tell me love and hope never die. 
So raise your head up and stand up, no reason to cry. 
Cause your heart and soul will survive.

These are dark times, but I’m determined to move through 2019 with a hopeful attitude.

Shutdown – The West Wing

If you have Netflix and want to see something cute, check out Season 5 Episode 8 of The West Wing. The Bartlett administration battles the Speaker of the House over the budget, and everyone’s mortified that the government shuts down for three days. It’s very quaint and will really warm your heart.